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Beam is puzzle platformer in which you can manipulate lightbeams to interact with them. Lightbeams have no interactable features as long as they are without fog. Once in contact with fog they change their behaviour and become for example solid so you can jump on them.

It is best played with an original XBox controller but it also works really well with just a keyboard and mouse! It should run on almost every windows machine from recent years :)

We would greatly appreciate if you would give us your comments and feeback

as we are still working on making this a an even better game!

If you would like to know more find us here: http://binaryimpact.de/collection/

OR join us on our Discord server to leave feedback and thoughts: https://discord.gg/bUXch5

Support us with 10$ or more and get a steam key on release day <3


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BEAM-0.0.1a22.zip 795 MB
BEAM-0.0.1a21.zip 793 MB
BEAM-0.0.1a20.zip 768 MB
BEAM-0.0.1a19.zip 743 MB
BEAM-0.0.1a18.zip 695 MB
BEAM-0.0.1a17.zip 696 MB

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Awesome demo!

Great physics and interactive elements in Beam.
Is there a Linux version planned?

Definetly! MacOs Linux Consoles the whole shenanigan. But for now we have to stick to windows since we are a very small team (3) and can't handle the overhead of debugging for multiple platforms.

Thx for the nice comment!

No problem.  I found that it runs really well in Wine with DXVK for now.

That is indeed a useful information. I hope you had fun. Did you beat it?

The Demo?  Not yet.. kinda confused with the vents... but I love how you can freeze the lasers and roll on them.  If I press the W key and space at the same time I can jump really high.  In fact I can jump on top of the structures above the screen and clip through them.  Is this a bug?

(1 edit)

Yes this is a bug. Should already be fixed in the .18 version ... hmmm.... 

We have 5 different lightbeams and all do something else when in contact with fog. 3 of them are implemented in the demo but you can see all on your YouTube channel in a short spotlight video.

Maybe you would like to join our Discord Server for faster exchange of feedback? https://discord.gg/bUXch5

Got around the ship a bit, I'm liking the beam interaction even when it's tough to bounce off the red one. :) 

Awesome game so far! 
I just streamed it on my YouTube Channel (Lefter05) and I even raged a bit x3 
Keep on going that way ^^ 

What I didn´t really liked was, that the fog just came to fast with me. If you don´t know what i mean, you can just watch my Livestream, at minute 29:30 you can see what I meant ^^ 

But beside that little thing.. I´m really hyped 4 the whole game ^^

Thanks for playing our game we feel really giddy about this :D 

Your problem with taking up some fog with you when jumping on the red beams is about the timing. Stop using the fog before touching it. Same applies for the other beams. But we will update the mechanics based on all the awesome feedback we got on the gamefest and on our social media!